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William Paul Young, Attorney at Law
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From transfers of sale to family transfers, we specialize in real estate closings.

North Myrtle Beach Real Estate Closings Attorney Services

William Paul Young offers a number of North Myrtle Beach real estate attorney services for transferring real estate properties in Horry County, South Carolina that include a title search to verify that the seller(s) have a deed recorded in their name and confirm the chain of title back to the developer of the project. In addition, we check the sellers name(s) for outstanding mortgages, judgments, or other liens that may be recorded in their names as a matter of public record. The title check does not include debts of account not reported in public records of Horry County, South Carolina. You can be assured that we pay attention to the details when it comes to closing North Myrtle Beach real estate. Also included in our North Myrtle Beach real estate attorney services are all necessary documents needed in escrow services for transfer of property where the buyer and seller have agreed on a purchase price. We also notify the homeowners association and provide them with a copy of the deed reflecting the transfer. The legal professionals at William Paul Young, P.A., pay attention to the details!

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